To take Wood Badge in the Greater Alabama Council (GAC), it will cost you $250. The cost is the same price as taking NYLT. For some people, this is a lot of money, especially if you have to pay it all at one time. The next Wood Badge Course in GAC will start on April 5, 2019. We ask that the course fee is paid in full 30 days out so the deadline would be March 5, 2019. We do that because that is when we have to start spending money on participants, and our budget is dependent on how many people are attending.

An easy way to fund your Wood Badge course is to start saving now. Whether you put it in an old mason jar on your shelf or put it in your bank savings account, a little each month will get you there. We ask our kids to save, don’t we? “If you want that video game start saving up,” “do some chores around the house,” “don’t spend your birthday money as soon as you get it.”

So let’s do some math. This art major doesn’t say that lightly, but I can get us close.

You have to put down $50 when you register. That leaves a balance of $200 to save. I am writing this post in May 2018 so let’s say you put some money away in that mason jar at the first of each month starting at the beginning of June 2018. You will only need to put $20 in each month to have saved enough to pay for Wood Badge.

Let’s say you are reading this post and it’s already past June 2018. What is it going to cost you each month for your Wood Badge saving plan? No worries I have done the math for you.

Your starting month

June 2018 $20
July 2018 $23
August 2018 $25
September 2018 $29
October 2018 $34
November 2018 $40
December 2018 $50
January 2019 $67
February 2019 $100
March 2019 $200

You see, paying for Wood Badge is a lot easier than you think if you start now. If you still need financial help, there are some other options in and out of your unit. We will address that in a future blog post. But for now, I suggest you grab a $20 and put it in a jar.

I’ll see you at Wood Badge in April 2019.