Wood Badge Quiz

How well do you know Wood Badge? Take this quiz and test your knowledge. It is 50 questions long but it won't take you any time if you've done your homework.

There may be a couple of questions that are specific to the courses in the Greater Alabama Council. Give yourself credit for those if you are in another council. Good luck!

1. Who started the Wood Badge Course in 1919?
2. What is Wood Badge?
3. Where are the other Gilwells located?
4. What Clan is the tarten that is on the back of the Wood Badge neckerchief?
5. What is the name of the King who Baden-Powell captured a necklace from
6. What is the significance to Wood Badgers of the necklace B-P captured?
7. What knot is used to tie a woggle?
8. How many beads does a Wood Badge participant wear?
9. How many beads does a Wood Badge participant who completes all 5 goals of their ticket wear?
10. How many beads does a Wood Badge Staffer wear?
11. How many beads does the Scoutmaster on the course wear?
12. How many beads did Baden-Powell wear?
13. What is the totem of Gilwell Park?
14. Which critter does not belong
15. The kudu horn is used to:
16. Who was the first American Wood Badge Scoutmaster?
17. What do the letters and numbers mean in S9-1-16-2
18. Why are your 5 goals called a ticket?
19. Who developed the original syllabus for Wood Badge for the 21st Century
20. What is the focus of the Wood Badge course
21. What did Dr. James E. West, America's first Chief Scout Executive, define as the three things Scouting needed most.
22. What year was the first American Wood Badge Course held
23. Where was the first American Wood Badge course held?
24. Where was the second Wood Badge course held? Hint: It was held the same year as the first course.
25. The original course syllabus covered all the Boy Scout requirements from:
26. What were the first four American Patrols?
27. What is significant about those critters?
28. What additional critters were added later?
29. Which is the correct Wood Badge order. Also know as critter order.
30. What song was introduced to mention the patrols?
31. What is the third flag at Gilwell?
32. What is the original symbol used by the Program Patrol?
33. What symbol is used by the Service Patrol?
34. What is the last item of the day before taps?
35. TROOP 1! (the troop responds)
36. What year did the BSA approve attendance of women in Wood Badge?
37. A Wood Badge course is conducted:
38. What is the main job of the patrol scribe?
39. What does the Quartermaster do?
40. Evaluate using:
41. What is a patrol totem?
42. The Scoutmaster minute should be how long?
43. What do we mean when we say your ticket should be SMART?
44. What does EDGE stand for?
45. What is the correct order?
46. When do you receive your Wood Badge beads/
47. What entire movie was shown on Wood Badge in the 21st Century courses?
48. Where are Beavers, Beavers, Beavers wielding rusty cleavers?
49. How long do you have to finish your goals, write your completion form and have your ticket approved?
50. When you leave your Wood Badge course on the final day and return home you will: