There are two ways that a Wood Badge course is hosted. It is either two three-day weekends or one six-day event. In the Greater Alabama Council we generally follow the two weekend course model. The nice thing is that we change it up to accommodate different schedules.

My course, SR-1047 was held from Friday-Sunday. The last course, S9-1-12-1 was held from Saturday-Monday. This course, S9-113, will be special in that it will be a Thursday-Saturday course.

What makes this special? We have a lot of scouters who are very active or even employed in their churches and cannot take the Sunday off. We also have others who, due to their religious beliefs and commitments, cannot be away from home and church on Sunday. This course was made for them.

Being away on Sunday was never an issue for me and it may not be for you as well. If that is the case then think about this. You will be home on Saturday night, which means you have all day Sunday to decompress before you go back to work on Monday. You could even make it to church.

If not being home on a Sunday is a deal-breaker for you then you should consider sign up for course S9-113. A Thursday-Saturday course will probably not come around for another 3-4 years. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.