Wood Badge Vision Statement

On Friday of this week, March 14, the participants of Wood Badge course S9-114 will gather at Camp Comer to begin their journey. Most won’t have a clue what to expect and readers of this website will know only a little more. We want you to attend but we don’t want to give away the “secret sauce” that makes Wood Badge so much fun. A question from a participant will more than likely be answered “it will all be revealed at the appropriate time.”

What I don’t think is a big secret is that you will write a vision statement and will come up with five goals during this first weekend. These five goals are collectively known as a ticket.

I realized not long ago that if I was go have a website dedicated to promoting Wood Badge then I should probably have my own vision statement and goals. So here it is.

I see WoodBadgeAlabama.com as a resource for scouters across the Greater Alabama Council, the state of Alabama and the nation at large. I see scouters looking for information about Wood Badge as they are introduced to the program and making their decision to attend. I see former participants and staffers staying in touch with the spirit and ideals of the program as they continue to grow as leaders in their units and communities.

It is important to realize that a vision is a picture of a future success. Our vision is formed when we think far enough ahead to realize that there will be challenges for which we can prepare.

The next step is to write a five SMART goals to support your vision statement. The goals for this website have been written and will be posted next week once the participants have worked on their own goals.