Gilwell at S9-113

We just returned from a fantastic Weekend 1 at Wood Badge S9-115. I could go on-and-on about the course but I think this testimonial sums it up best. As soon as we returned I started to monitor the troop and patrol sites to see how the participants are decompressing and how they can be helped. Needless to say the “Wood Badge Spirit” was high.

Out of all the postings, this one stood out. One of our participants sent this email to the leaders in his troop. One of those leaders is also a staffer and sent this to the Troop Guides to let them know the difference they are making in these scouters lives. I asked if I could post this anonymously and it pretty much sums up Wood Badge and why we all make such a commitment to be a part of it.

And for those of you have not been to Wood Badge, Dave was right. Wood Badge is a life changing experience. 

I apologize in advance for my annoying, over-the-top, super Scouter-ness that you will have to endure. I drank deep from the bug juice and I’m now a full convert.

In all seriousness, everyone needs to go. It’s not just another Boy Scout training program. We have an amazing group of Scouters in our Troop. You are all good men and I know you care for and believe very deeply in the Boy Scout movement. But trust me when I say that we’ve only scratched the surface of what this can be. I cannot help but wonder what this would be like if all of you had experienced that I experienced this weekend. I cannot help but wonder what kind of Scouting experience our son’s would have if all of you experienced what I did this past weekend.

It’s a big commitment, I know. I knew I didn’t have time for it before I left. Now it doesn’t matter that I can’t make time. I’m more concerned with making my time matter. The best part is, it’s fun again. Oh, and expect songs. We need to sing more!  ♫=