Katy Anderson at Baloo.I recently attended a Genetics conference in California where I volunteered to be a moderator for a roundtable discussion on Management. It was a simple responsibility really, just facilitate the discussion on topics that may come up, as well as write down a few questions to get the conversation started or fill in gaps that may occur. As I was preparing, my mind went straight to my Wood Badge experiences and the leadership training I have received.

During the roundtable discussion, participants shared management issues from their laboratories, several of which boiled down to communication. Quite often when you look at the root of the conflict, it starts with miscommunication and how people interact with each other. I offered a couple of simple exercises that they could take back to their labs to help with some of those communication issues. How surprised they were to hear that a lot of this knowledge came from Scouting, specifically from Wood Badge!

Attending Wood Badge in 2009 helped me better serve the Scouting units I am involved with. The surprise was that it also helped me as a lab manager better serve my staff. I improved the way I communicate with them and have used exercises learned at Wood Badge to help them communicate better with each other. All in all, it has helped them become a more cohesive team. And Communication is just one of the topics covered in Wood Badge!

As a bonus, I’ve used things I learned in Wood Badge in other areas of my life as well: serving on committees, working with other parents during soccer season… I’ve even found them handy during a discussion with friends where opposing views were shared in a very lively manner!

Wood Badge is leadership training in a fun setting that will help you in many areas of your life: in Scouting AND beyond. It epitomizes “a game with a purpose.” Join us this fall for Wood Badge S9-1162! I promise you won’t regret it!

Katy Anderson
Scoutmaster, Wood Badge Course S9-1162


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