People come to Wood Badge for different reasons. They are in different places in life, come from diferent places in Scouting and have kids that run the gamut of ages. This is another answer to the question  “Why did you attend Wood Badge?”

GWood-Badge-Woggleoing through scouting as a youth I had an amazing scoutmaster! As I progressed through the ranks I met a lot of other great scouters. I started noticing that most of the scouters I looked up to wore Wood Badge beads.

I went off to college and joined a troop as an ASM in another council. I continued to notice this theme of great leaders wearing beads. After graduating and moving to Alabama for a job, I found yet another troop to join as an ASM. Once again, I noticed the recurring theme in a third council.

All throughout my scouting career I had met an amazing number of great men and women who truly believed in the scouting program and the worth of giving back to the youth of this age. But not only was I meeting a lot of exceptional leaders, I was noticing the ones I really looked up to almost always were people who wear Wood Badge beads.

When my Scoutmaster came to me and recommended I go to Wood Badge my initial reaction was I was too young. He replied simply, the boys deserve the best trained leaders. The sooner you go, the more years you can give them what they deserve. So I signed up.

It was worth it! I came away with even more passion for scouting, more leadership knowledge, and a lot of great friends. I look forward to many more years giving back to the youth, just as my Scoutmasters have given to me.

Cody Easley
Greater Alabama Council

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