Hunter Pickett

People come to Wood Badge for different reasons. They are in different places in life, come from diferent places in Scouting and have kids that run the gamut of ages. Here is why one Wood Badger chose to attend.

For me, I had a few reasons to take Wood Badge.

First, there was my Dad. Dad was in the middle of his ticket completion in 1979 when he died. He never had the chance to complete it. I saw in him the belief that the course was very worthwhile and necessary. And that was over 30 years ago.

I decided that it was something I should follow through and complete—not only for Dad, but for myself. So much has changed in the world of Scouting since I first joined in 1971. I feel that the lessons I learned and the people I met during the course are going to last me forever. You cannot trade that in for anything.

It is a learning experience that continues to amaze me. Just what you learn from others is so helpful and supportive. I recommend the course to everyone. It will change the way you think and the way you look at things. It will help you become a better person all around.

Hunter Pickett
SR-1047 – Buffalo


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