Some years ago I asked Wood Badge participants, “Why did you go to Wood Badge.” I received some very thoughtful responses and I posted them at

It’s time to add more of your stories. I invite you to send me the reason why you went to Wood Badge. Why? There are many scouters out there who are wondering if it is worth the time investment, Is it worth the expense and do I want to get that deep into scouting? The answer is always yes, but maybe your story will be the one to get them over the hump and to fill out an application.

At the bottom of the page, there is a form for you to fill out with your story. It doesn’t have to be long. I will post your story anonymously.

To inspire you, here is a story I recently received and since it came with a nice photo, I thought I would use it for a post. The author’s father is in this photo of a Birmingham Area Council Wood Badge course that was held somewhere between 1969 and 1971. This photo was taken at Indian Valley, a camp that is no longer in use.

I went to Wood Badge mainly because I wanted to experience what my father had with his ticket and further staff work.

My Wood Badge journey led me to introduce youth to chance of a lifetime environmental conservation projects, an historic Civil Rights Hike with legendary Scouter Harold McNair, a Smokey Mountains excursion with a family-oriented bluegrass festival as a bonus, a bittersweet work day at the Big Oak Ranch for Girls, fundraising for a special classroom at Camp Comer, and the workup for Philmont 2018. There are many, many more “connections” to speak of; however, it would suffice it to say, the journey continues as QM Staff for S9-118.