As a youth, I never had the opportunity to attend a National Scout Jamboree. I remember distinctly all the patches and memorabilia from scouts who attended the 1973 Jamboree. I was a new scout and the stories from participants and the stories in Boy’s Life made quite an impression on me.

Jump forward over 30 years and 9 other Jamborees and it’s time for the 2013 National Scout Jamboree. This will be the first one to be held at the new Summitt Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve in West Virginia. This will be the first one at the new permanent home of the Jamboree.

The Greater Alabama Council is sending a group of Boy Scouts and Adult leaders this July 15-24. If you have any interest in going this year, you need to contact the council office and get your spot before they are all gone. It will be another 4 years before the next one. The best part is you can attend the Jamboree and be back in time to attend Wood Badge S9-113 in September.

As for me, my oldest son is 10 years old. When the next Jamboree comes around he will be 14 and old enough to go and I will be right there with him. I wonder when I can send my reservation?