Ask Me About WoodBadge

You hear about Wood Badge from time to time. You see scouters wearing those distinctive mauve scarves and pieces of wood on a leather thong. You might have even received a brochure in your packet at your last training event. But where can you really get the information you need to learn about Wood Badge? If you are reading this at then a lot of your questions are being answered. But this is really just the start.

S9-113 staffers are attending events all across the council as we look for those scouters ready to take the next step. We are passing out brochures, emailing information and reaching out to other Wood Badgers to recommend leaders in their unit. You will see us by the badges we are wearing on our uniforms and the brochures in our hand.

If you are even remotely interested in learning about Wood Badge find someone with the “Ask Me About Wood Badge” badge. Ask all the questions, find out all the information and yes, take one of our brochures. Then go find a friend, or grab a stranger at scout camp this summer who is wearing that scarf and those wooden beads and ask them how Wood Badge has changed their scouting life.