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Welcome! If you landed on this page then you are probably looking for information about Wood Badge or Wood Badge courses around the United States.

This site is WoodBadgeAlabama.com and we use it to promote Wood Badge Courses within the Greater Alabama Council. Specifically the upcoming course.

Even though you may not be interested in the course within Alabama there is a lot of information here about Wood Badge in general. To promote the course we want to share lots of information that people will find useful as they are making a decision to join a Wood Badge course. You may find the answers to your question here.

If you have already been through a course I challenge you to the Wood Badge Quiz. It’s 50 questions of trivia including a few Greater Alabama Council specific questions. There is no sign up to take the quiz.

Thanks for visiting!

Shawn Wright
WoodBadge S9-115 ~ Senior Patrol Leader
Wood Badge S9-114  ~  Buffalo Patrol Troop Guide
Wood Badge S9-113  ~  Scribe
Wood Badge S9-1-12-1  ~  Buffalo Patrol Troop Guide
Wood Badge SR-1047   ~  Antelope Patrol