Tent For Wood Badge

We are excited that you have decided to attend Wood Badge S9-113. As you probably already know the first weekend is at beautiful Camp Sequoyah. If you have been to Sequoyah for summer camp you may have seen all the camp tents with the platforms and cots. Unfortunately they have already been taken down for the year. But thanks to the OA they will be setting up two-person tents for your use at Camp Sequoyah.

Unlike Camp Comer, Sequoyah takes tents down every year and rotates camp site locations giving Sequoyah a unique camping experience.

You will need your own tent if you plan to stay the night before the course starts. Just make sure it is packed up and back in your vehicle by 7 am Thursday morning. If you prefer to sleep in your tent all weekend, that is fine. You will need to have it packed up and ready to move to your new campsite Thursday morning as well.

Even if you don’t need a tent for the first weekend, you will need one the second weekend.

What if you don’t have a tent? We have participants who may be committee members and don’t do much camping, if any, with their units. Let me give you a few suggesting on how to obtain a tent.

  1. Ask the person who talked you into coming. They may have a tent you can borrow.
  2. See if your unit has a tent you can borrow.
  3. Rent one from Alabama Outdoors or Mountain High Outfitters. There may be an outdoor store closer to you so try them as well.
  4. Some Universities, such as UAB (pdf), have rental programs through their student recreation programs.

Once you have secured your tent, make sure you set it up at least once before you show up. There will be plenty of people who can help you set it up on course but do it at home so you can make sure you have all the poles.