Just Six Months, Folks!

Today is a special day. Six months from today will be the first day of Wood Badge S9-113.

This morning in six months, the participants gathered together, met each other for the first time and got to know the men and women in their patrol. They were a little nervous and didn’t quite know what to expect.

They probably looked into the eyes of their patrol members and wondered what they had in common and if this would be a complete waste of time. They didn’t have much time to think because there is a lot to learn at Wood Badge.

By lunch time all those fears had been erased. The patrol had already come together and started to work as a team. As stories were told, strengths were identified and these scouters, who at first seemed to have nothing in common, were fast becoming a well oiled machine.

There had been talk of critters and kudu horns and songs. Many questions were asked only to hear the phrase “all will be revealed at the appropriate time.”

That happens six months from today. It will be an event that you will never forget, just ask the Wood Badgers around you.

If you think you would like to attend Wood Badge, sign up today. There is a limited amount of positions available. Once those are filled it will be another year before the 2014 course. Think how much Wood Badge would help you as a leader during the next year.

See you in six months.