People come to Wood Badge for different reasons. They are in different places in life, come from diferent places in Scouting and have kids that run the gamut of ages. This is another answer to the question  “Why did you attend Wood Badge?”

Wood Badge BeadsMy troop had nothing but Woodbadge trained adults, so I was next on the list.  As a youth I knew you couldn’t sign up to take the course, you had to be invited, so my father was thrilled that I was in the course thinking of the old ways of Scouting – not knowing all I did was fill out an application and pay my fees.

Right after my last weekend (back then there were three outings), my wife walked out on the family to sow some new oats.  As a newly minted Mr. Mom with three kids 9-12, I rounded them up and explained that we were going to start doing things the “Patrol Method Way”.  Amid cheers and the handing out of camping equipment to strike camp around the house, the tears quickly dried up.  My 9 year old daughter would fight to say the Philmont Grace at dinner.

That Christmas I took them to a studio to have their picture taken.  All three kids are embarrassed to this day to see the picture I proudly hang in the house:  both have Boy Scout belts on, and my daughter’s hair is far from perfect, but it was proof that the Woodbadge course taught what translated into parenting skills for the situation I had been thrust into.  I’m glad I paid such close attention during the course!

Now all three are young adults and two are finishing college this year.  The oldest is 24 and getting married in April.  Without a doubt, if any of my children provide me with grandkids, they’ll be in Cub Scouts as soon as humanly possible!

Lastly, now I’m a COR for three units at my church – 275 boys and 125 trained adults.  I’m a lifetime NESA member and about to receive my Silver Beaver.  Thank you BSA (and specifically Woodbadge) for helping make my family’s life so enriched!

Todd Ellis
SR-362 Buffalo
Occoneechee Council, NC

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