SR-1047 Course Patches

Wood Badge course S9-113 is just one in a long line of Wood Badge courses that go all the way back to England in 1919. In the Greater Alabama Council it only goes back to the 1990’s when many Alabama Councils were merged into one super council. The other councils had Wood Badge courses before the merger.

There is also another division in Wood Badge courses in 2002 when the syllabus was rewritten and is now known as Wood Badge for the 21st Century.

In order to help document the courses in our council we have given each course it’s own page on One each page we will show the course patch, scoutmasters patch and any other related patch such as service projects and grub staff patches.

We also want to list the staff with positions and participants for each course. We have a lot of information but are still missing information and would like your help. If you have a complete listing of participants for a particular course, send the full course list to

To see the list of course look under Wood Badge History > GAC Courses.