David Posey

David Posey

Current Scout Position(s)
Recently retired Cub Master Pack 134
Troop 134 Committee

Wood Badge Experience
Wood Badge SR-982 Participant

Youth Scouting Experience
Cub Scout/AOL Pack 11 in Center Point, AL
Crossed over to Troop 11
Helped start a new Troop (911) and Varsity Team (2).
Explorer Post at ACIPCO.
Eagle Scout at Troop 11 in Center Point, AL

Wife Nikkie – We have been married 16 years.
Daughters Ashlea and Kaila, 13 (yes, teenage twin girls)
Son Zach 10 who just earned his AOL and crossed over to Troop 134

Where do you live
Argo, Alabama

Where do you work and what do you do
I work at UPS in the Industrial Engineering department.
My current assignment is Operational Excellence and Flow Writer.
I have been at UPS for almost 24 years.

Favorite Place to Camp
Since we just crossed over from the Pack, the past few years we have camped mostly at Comer. As a Boy Scout I spent numerous summers at Sequoyah and have many fond memories; well maybe not the “get the food in the garbage can backpack” or the liquid sweetener. If you lived it you KNOW what I am talking about but I would not trade those experiences.

Why did you sign up for your first wood badge course?
As a boy in scouts I would see the beads my leaders would wear and knew they were Wood Badge beads but not really understanding what that meant. I stopped by the midway display at UoS and got a brochure and began looking into the course. After gaining a better understanding of what it was all about, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of to help grow myself and better equip me to serve others as I have been. I would have to say it was more than I expected and I am sure that being on staff will be an even greater experience.

If you could add a Ninth critter, what would it be and why?
My 9th critter would be one of my Beago, Beagle-Golden Retriever, dogs.
They have life made; eat, sleep and play.