Dana Rice

Current Scout Position(s)
Cubmaster, Pack 777
Wolf Den Leader, Pack 777
Committee Member, Troop 777

Wood Badge Experience
Wood Badge S9-1-12-2 Assistant Quartermaster
Wood Badge S9-1-11-1 Participant

Youth Scouting Experience

Wife: Carol
Son: Christian (13), who is a First Class Scout
Son: Connor (7), who is a Wolf Cub

Where do you live
Southside, Alabama (Gadsden)

Where do you work and what do you do?
I am an attorney and I have my own practice in Gadsden.

Favorite Place to Camp
I love my time spent at Comer because of what it represents to my family and my scouting experience. Shark Tooth Creek has to be a close second because of the great trips that our scouts have had while there.

Why did you sign up for your first wood badge course?
I agreed to sign up to stop constant badgering by my fellow leaders. (Our unit had 3 staff members on S9-1-11-1 and 6 in attendance. Who says peer pressure doesn’t work?)

If you could add a Ninth critter, what would it be and why?
The Skunk. Seems appropriate as it was the unofficial mascot of the S9-1-12-2 course. (“Skunks are critters too.”)