General Dwight D. Eisenhower

One of the biggest problems in scouting, business, and life in general is the lack of skills to lead. Not the lack of ability, just the skill needed to lead and then step out of the way.

In Scout Troops you hear too many stories of Scoutmasters running the show of their “boy-led” troops. You see way too many Cubmasters who have taken on most all the roles in their pack only to be teetering on the edge of burn-out. They don’t trust or they just don’t reach out to the leaders around them for help and support.

At Wood Badge we teach the skills to lead and get out of the way. We teach the patrol method so leaders can implement it within their patrols, in their pack committee, in their business and even at home. It’s a versatile skill to know.

On this Veterans Day eve, I came across a story on LinkedIn called “2 Tips On Leading When You Have Doubt.” It’s about General Dwight D. Eisenhower and D-Day. It’s about knowing when to lead and when to get out of the way. I hope it brings some inspiration to you.