This week a joint statement was released by the LDS church and the Boy Scouts of America that basically said that the LDS church has decided to end its relationship as a chartered organization effective December 31, 2019.

This is a significant change for the BSA and, it comes on the heels of including girls into the program and the removal of the national membership restriction regarding sexual orientation. This post is not about the policies but a reminder to my fellow Wood Badgers that Change Happens, it’s inevitable.

I bet a lot of you are pretty anxious about one or more of these changes. Changes seem to be coming faster and faster, and you probably aren’t sure how this is going to affect you, your scout unit and your family.

Is this starting to sound like a presentation?

If you went to Wood Badge, then you already heard it during the Leading Change presentation. This is a great time to remind you of a few things that should help you as you work through these changes.

We have choices in how we react to change.

1. We can be fearful of change and resistant to it, but that allows change to control us.

2. We can accept change and try to make the most of it. That’s better, but it causes us to adapt to changes that are already occurring.

3. We can lead change by taking responsibility for steering changes in the best possible directions. That approach not only accepts the inevitability of change but also does something about determining the outcome of change.

Change is happening in our scouting program. Realizing that change is inevitable will help us look for the effects that change has upon our scouting program and our lives. We can then begin to explore the opportunities we have for shaping the results of change.


  • When change is needed, leading change can make it happen.
  • When change is inevitable, leading change can make it positive.

Who doesn’t want this to be positive? Now get out there and lead!