Jay Wilson Eagle

On this Father’s day I want to thank all you scouting dads for signing your sons up for scouts. Especially to those of you who didn’t grow up in the program and didn’t realize what you were getting yourself into.

Thank you for stepping up to be a cub scout leader when no one else would. For wearing the uniform, for organizing the meetings, for guiding a bunch of kids and parents with no camping experience into the woods for some of the greatest weekends of their lives.

Thanks for crossing your son over to a scout troop and teaching your son the skills he needed to become a leader. And for knowing when to let go and to let him learn from others and on his own.

Thanks for the support and guidance it takes for your son to advance through the ranks and to eventually earn his Eagle. It’s a long hard road and he will appreciate it even more when his own son is a scout.

Thanks for continuing to lead in other positions within the troop, the district and council. Thanks for spending your week nights and weekends sharing your wisdom with other scout leaders and parents and for serving over and over on courses such as Wood Badge.

And a final thanks for letting us serve you and your kids. We love being scout leaders. It’s the Fathers Day gift that we get every day of the year.

Pictured is S9-113 Assistant Quarter Master Jay Wilson and his Father Jim. Jim is an Eagle and Wood Badger, Beaver Patrol. Jay wears his beads and Jay’s son wears his grandfathers Eagle medallion.