You have probably heard the phrase “Every Scout Deserves A Trained Leader.” We value training in Boy Scouts. It makes us better leaders and able to deliver a better program. It makes scouting fun for the kids and it helps in our own personal growth.

Of course if you have signed up for Wood Badge then you already know this. Wood Badge is the premier training program for adults after all.

If you have signed up for Wood Badge and you haven’t gotten around to becoming fully trained you need to do it now.

If you are a Cub Scout Leader or on a committe then you can probably take all your training online. To do so you need to have an account at and take the online training. I produced a short video called “How To Be A Fully Trained Leader” showing the steps it takes to do this. It was produced for Pack 95 and we use it to help our new adults leaders become trained.

If you are are a Boy Scout leader then you need OLS training which is not taught online. If you don’t have it then you need to find a course, offered in any district, and take it before Wood Badge.