Donna Jackson

Current Scout Position(s)
Committee Member and ASM Troop 27

Wood Badge Experience
Wood Badge SR-982 Participant

Youth Scouting Experience
Youth girl scout for 6 years, adult Girl Scout leader for 12. I’ve sold tons of GS cookies!! I’ve been involved w/Boy Scouts for over 13 years. Hey, if you’ve got boys and girls, you need to do both, right?

Husband: Dennis,
Son: Deven (19) Eagle Scout
Daughter: Denée (17) soon to graduate high school
Son: Dylan (13) Life – Troop 27 in Sylacauga, AL

Where do you live?
Sylacauga, AL

Where do you work and what do you do?
Marble City Baptist Daycare as a substitute teacher/day care worker and in the nursery on Wednesday night.
Contract worker for Cheaha Mental Health – filing papers and typing narratives.

Favorite Place to Camp
I’m partial to Sequoyah, but will probably say St. Andrews State Park (beach camping).

Why did you sign up for your first wood badge course?
I signed up for Wood Badge because it was encouraged by my SM (Jon Peterson), because I wanted to, because I had completed all the other leadership training. It was a desire of mine to complete Wood Badge.

If you could add a Ninth critter, what would it be and why?
Wild Mustang…for their freedom and durability.